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Delphi 3-Phase Motors
Stabilizer Control Kits

Axiom's Micro Controller PIC16F676 based digital Stablizer Control kits are an excellent Micro controller kits to demonstrate the working of a power electronic system. .

Single Phase Push Button Type
Axiom Digital Stablizer Control Kit
Single Phase Preset Type
Axiom Digital Stablizer Control Kit
Double Phase 90 to 418V
Axiom Digital Stablizer Control Kit
Digital Display for Stablizer Kits
Axiom Digital Stablizer Control Kit
1- No need of 0.18V transformer
2- Setting stored for life time
3- No possibility for this problem.
4- Relay works smoothly.
5- High Cut Delay is present and no possibility of fault High cut.
6- Low Cut facility
7- 3mintus time delay and will remain same
8- LED indication on 2 LEDs for all modes
9- Audio indication for High cut
10- Single LT wiring is easy
11- Setting is based on single button
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