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::Company Profile::

Axiom Controls & Devices is engaged in providing Industrial Automation solutions, Micro controller based Digital Inverter/Home UPS & their kits, Embedded control applications & Solutions, Educational Kits & Projects and IT Services.

We are authorised dealer/distributer of Delphi 3 phase TEFC Electric Motors, Box Series Worm Gear Units, ROBUS Inline Helical Gear Boxes, Geared Motors & ATDC Brake Motors of M/s. Rotomotive Powerdrives India Ltd. and Worm & Helical Gear Boxes, Brake Motors, Brake Geared Motors of M/s. MGM Varvel Power Transmissions Pvt. Ltd.

::Our main functional areas::

Motor & Gear box:

Delphi 3 phase Electric Motors, Box series Worm Gear Boxes, ROBUS Inline Helical Gear Boxes, Planetary Gear Boxes, Worm Geared Motors, Helical Geared Motors, Planetary Geared Motors, Brake Motors with AC & DC brakes , DC Motors, AC Drives etc.

Embedded solutions:

Embedded control applications & Solutions, PIC/ATMEL Programmers & Development Boards.

Other Kits:

Inverter Kits, Digital Stabilizer Control Kit (1 & 2 phase) along with Digital Display, Digital Meters.

Micro Controller Programming :

600/800/1400VA Inverter / Home UPS Technology, Development of Micro Controller programmes.

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