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Delphi 3-Phase Motors
MGM BA series Brake Motors

The BA series consists of three-phase, asynchronous brake motors totally enclosed and fan cooled.

The BA series ranges from 71 right up to 315 frame size. The brake power supply is AC 3-phase as standard.
On request DC brake can be provided with a rectifier integrated in the terminal box.

The rectifier is provided with an over-voltage and radio frequency emission protection device. All BA series motors are provided with a manual brake release. The BA series cooling fan is fitted between the motor and the brake assembly.

The brake moving element and the brake coil have a laminated magnetic nucleus to reduce losses and to allow very fast braking. BA series main features are a very quick braking action, both in unlocked and high torque braking, a constant braking time and a very high number of start/stop cycles also under severe applications.


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