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ROBUS Inline Helical Gear Boxes
We are supplying ROBUS Inline Helical Gear Boxes of M/s. Rotomotive Powerdrives India Ltd. which is an Indo-Italian joint venture Company.

Use of high strength steels like 15CrMo4 and case hardening to 58 ±2 HRC reduce the wear rate in wheels. All wheels are profile ground to Din 3962 class 6 accuracy for low noise and high efficiency.

Shafts are made from 42CrMo4 steel and tempered to reach a hardness of 23-35 HRC, thus increasing their capacity to withstand shearing stresses.
ROBUS Inline Helical Gear Boxes
If the mechanical robustness and the service factor of an helical gearbox are mainly influenced by the centres distance of the last stage, Robus confirms to be very robust.
Single stages ratios between 2 and 6, together with proper gears sizes, result mathematically in higher teeth number and size (module) of each wheel and a better fractioned load among the reduction stages. That influences both durabilty and torque transmission capability.
Dual bearing support on the input shaft assures precise alignment of the first stage gears and reduces vibrations and consequent gear wear.
Intermediate shaft is rigidly supported by 3 bearings, with no overhang wheel, thus imparting greater flexural strengh and better meshing. This increases the overloading capacity and takes to lower noise.
Smaller overhang distance of output shaft from supporting bearing in order to withstand higher radial loads.
Abounding bearings size, in order to withstand higher loads.
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