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Delphi 3-Phase Motors
Conveyor Components

We are supplying below Component of Material Handling Equipments of different makes/principals:


We are supplying high quality custom made Chain Sprockets made of high quality materials with zero errors.

Chain Sprocket


The Ball Transfer Units are the latest development used in conveyer systems. Ball transfer units allow objects to be moved in any horizontal direction with minimum effort.

Ball Units


The omni-directional movement of the Omni Wheel comes from its unique design. The combination of these two rolling elements provides a compact and inexpensive unit for moving heavy loads in any direction along a plane, doing so smoothly and with minimum effort.

Omni Wheels


We are supplying conveyor rollers made of high quality materials, with roller bearings, housings with special seals. High quality performance for modern materials handling.

Conveyor Rollers


Normally to power a conveyor belt, one has to use the conventional drive which comprises of head pulley which has to be coupled to a gearbox and the gearbox in turn has to be coupled to a motor and then there are other accessories like guard, chains, plumber blocks etc. Instead of this elaborate system, a drum motor can be put in place of the head pulley, and powered up.

Drum Motors

ATDC Brake Motors
MGM BM series Brake Motors
Worm Gear Boxes
Varvel Gear Boxes
Pre-stage STADIO
Stabilizer Control Kits
Inline Helical Gear Boxes
Inverter Kits
AC Geard Motors
Embedded Solutions
Conveyor Components
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