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Delphi 3-Phase Motors
ATDC Brake Motors

We are supplying ATDC BRAKE Motors of M/s. Rotomotive Powerdrives India Ltd. which is an Indo-Italian joint venture Company.

Self-braking motors use spring pressure brakes, firmly spliced onto a cast iron shield fixed on the non-driving end of the motor are with following characteristics:

Standard Optional

release lever
bimetallic PTO thermal protector (1 from type 63 to 100, 3 from type 112 to 160)
reinforced winding suitable for inverter supply
tropicalized winding
protection IP55
protection IP56-IP66
F Class insulation
H Class insulation
second terminal for separate power supply motor/brake
three-phased forced ventilation
ATEX version, category II 3D

ATDC Brake MotorDC Brake

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ATDC Brake Motors
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